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Pele Cleaning offers unbeatable office cleaning services in Winnipeg. Our experienced team ensures that your office is cleaniand sanitized, creating a clean and healthy work environment for your employees and clients.

What is Included in Office Cleaning?

We have a proven track record of delivering high-quality office cleaning services in Winnipeg that are build to meet the unique requirements of your business. Our professional team is committed to ensuring that your workspace is consistently clean and inviting for both your employees and visitors. With our attention to detail and dedication to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to keep your office looking its best.

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What's Included in Office Cleaning services in Winnipeg

General Cleaning

Dusting, wiping, vacuuming, mopping, trash removal, and sanitization services provided for a clean and hygienic environment.


  1. Thorough Cleaning: Enjoy impeccable restroom cleanliness with our comprehensive cleaning and disinfection. Restocking: We replenish essential supplies to keep your facilities well-equipped.


Countertops and Appliance Cleaning: Enjoy a clean kitchen with our detailed services. Dishwashing and Supplies: We handle dishwashing and restocking supplies.

Glass and Floor

Hard Floor Maintenance: We make your hard floors shine. Window Cleaning: We clean your windows inside and out.

Tailored Services

We're Fully flexible with our services, Your business is unique, and so are your cleaning needs. Our customized cleaning plans are designed to fit seamlessly into your schedule, providing flexible solutions for every client.

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FAQ For Office Cleaning Services

What is office cleaning services ?

Office cleaning services are professional cleaning services that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of office spaces. These services typically include general cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, mopping, and sanitizing surfaces, as well as more specialized tasks such as cleaning computer equipment, emptying trash bins, and cleaning restrooms. Office cleaning services are designed to help maintain a clean and healthy work environment for employees and visitors, and can be scheduled on a regular basis to ensure that the office space remains clean and well-maintained.

What equipment and products are needed for office cleaning?

Here are some common equipment and products used for office cleaning:

1. Vacuum cleaner: A good quality vacuum cleaner is essential for cleaning carpets and floors in the office.

2. Mops and buckets: These are necessary for cleaning hard floors and removing spills.

3. Microfiber cloths: These are great for dusting and wiping down surfaces.

4. All-purpose cleaner: A versatile cleaning solution that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

5. Glass cleaner: For cleaning windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces.

6. Disinfectant: To kill germs and bacteria on surfaces, especially in high-touch areas.

7. Trash bags: For collecting and disposing of waste.

8. Brooms and dustpans: For sweeping up debris and dirt.

9. Gloves and other personal protective equipment: To protect cleaners from chemicals and other hazards.

10. Air freshener: To keep the office smelling fresh and clean.

Having the right equipment and products is essential for maintaining a clean and healthy office environment.

What safety precautions are taken during office cleaning?

1. Use non-toxic cleaning products to reduce exposure to harmful chemicals.

2. Ensure proper ventilation to prevent cleaning fumes from accumulating.

3. Provide personal protective equipment for cleaners.

Who uses office cleaning Services in Winnipeg?

Office cleaning services in Winnipeg are used by a wide range of businesses and organizations. This includes small and large businesses, corporate offices, medical facilities, educational institutions, government offices, and more. Essentially, any organization that has an office space and wants to maintain a clean and professional environment can benefit from using office cleaning services.

How long does office cleaning take?

The time it takes to clean an office can vary depending on the size of the office, the level of cleaning required, and the number of cleaners working on the job. In general, a small office with light cleaning needs may take 1-2 hours to clean, while a larger office with more extensive cleaning requirements may take 3-4 hours or more. It's best to consult with a professional cleaning service to get an accurate estimate for your specific office cleaning needs.

What is the process for office cleaning?

The process for office cleaning typically involves the following steps:

1. Assessment: The cleaning company will assess the size and layout of the office space to determine the scope of work and any specific requirements.

2. Planning: A cleaning plan will be developed based on the assessment, taking into account the frequency of cleaning, the areas to be cleaned, and any special requests from the client.

3. Pre-cleaning: Before the actual cleaning begins, any clutter or personal items will be removed from the work areas to allow for thorough cleaning.

4. Dusting: Surfaces such as desks, shelves, and other furniture will be dusted to remove any accumulated dust and debris.

5. Vacuuming: Carpets and rugs will be vacuumed to remove dirt, dust, and other particles.

6. Mopping: Hard floors will be mopped to remove any dirt and stains.

7. Disinfecting: High-touch surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and phones will be disinfected to kill germs and bacteria.

8. Trash removal: Trash and recycling bins will be emptied and liners replaced as needed.

9. Restocking: Supplies such as toilet paper, paper towels, and hand soap will be restocked as needed.

10. Inspection: A final inspection will be conducted to ensure that the office is clean and ready for use.

By following these steps, the cleaning company can ensure that the office is kept clean and hygienic for employees and visitors.

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